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Shipping News & Notices

Customer Advisory - Amendments to U.S. Custom and Border Protection (CBP) In-Bond Regulatory Process

18th November, 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

As you are aware, CBP has recently published a new regulation which stipulates that cargo moving in-Bond in the U.S. must contain a 6-digit level Harmonize Tariff Schedule of the United States number (HTSUS). This mandatory ruling will take effect from 27 November, and failure to comply may result in penalty enforced by CBP and unnecessary delay to your shipment.

To stay compliant, please ensure to submit this information in advance & the body of your shipping instructions prior to loading of your cargo.

For more information, please visit CBPs website at

Thank you for your business and continued support.


Customer Advisory - Chittagong Port Update

18th November, 2017

Dear Valued Customer,

Please note we have received below Chittagong Port Situation from various S/lines as below :

Current Situation :

  • There are 15 container vessels are waiting at the anchorage, Chittagong Port can accommodate 10 Container vessels at a time and berth is allocated on FIFO basis.
  • Current waiting time at outer anchorage has gone up to 4-5 days for Gearless Vessels from last weeks 2-3 days, 4-6 days for deep draught & 4-5 days shallow draught vessels.
  • Long queue of Gearless vessel is due to ongoing repair work on two gantry cranes.
  • As per verbal instruction by Chittagong Port Authority, any vessels, with move count (export & import) less than 1200 box (equivalent to 1800 TEU) must sail by 48 hours regardless of completion of export loading.
  • Import Yard is over utilized with 119% utilization against capacity.
  • Number of empties laying at Port yard has been reduced significantly. In week 45 Maersk Line has evacuated 4199TEU.

Import Backlog in Colombo, Tanjung Pelepas & Singapore :

  • 2100 TEU laden backlog in Colombo for Chittagong (coming down from 2850 TEUS last week).
  • Expecting backlog to continue until end of November.
  • 900 TEU backlog in Tanjung Pelepas & Singapore.
  • Additional space negotiation is under discussion with feeder operators to clear the backlog.
  • However shipping Lines have sufficient empties to cater export requirement.

What S/line are doing :

  • Shipping Lines are souring space on CCA vessels to maintain our cut offs ex Chittagong and to sail out advanced gated in cargos. Last week we used total 13 feeders to connect to mainline at Tanjung Pelepas, Singapore & Colombo.
  • With close follow, up & corporation with Local ops, LOC, & Feeder operator we are arranging tight connections when necessary.

Future outlook :

  • With no major public holidays and adverse weather forecast for the rest of the year expect port situation to gradually improve.


Trade Advisory - Restrictions on movement of Heavy Vehicles-Reg

11th September, 2017


All India Port & Dock Workers Federation meeting held in Mumbai to resort Nationwide Indefinite Strike

17th August, 2017

Dear All,

Please be informed that the Working Committee Meeting of All India Port & Dock Workers Federation held at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust on 10th and 11th August 2017 had fully endorsed the decision taken in the joint meeting of all the Six Federations, representing Port and Dock Workers of the eleven Major Ports of the Country who met at New Mangalore Port on 28-07-2017, to resort to Nationwide Indefinite Strike with effect from 18th August, 2017 onwards. The meeting expressed serious concern over the deteriorating labour situation prevailing in the Major Ports due to the illogical, non productive, partisan and anit-labour actions of the Indian Ports Management and the Ministry of Shipping in particular. According to the Federation the Policies adopted by the Ministry of Shipping as well as the Indian Ports Association are affecting adversely the livelihood of thousands of Port Workers. The discriminatory actions of the Authorities has been increasing and curtailing the fundamental rights of the Port Workers.

Outsourcing of perennial nature of jobs, ban on recruitment against Class III and Class IV posts, non filling up of vacancies, indiscriminate abolition of posts, mass contractorization and outsourcing of Port related activities are some of the serious problems the Port workers are confronting at present. Contractorization and outsourcing of Port related activities had resulted in loss of regular employment and job cuts in the Major Ports in addition to exploitation of labour rights by all means Encouraging private Ports within the vicinity of Major Ports had already resulted in diversion of cargo from Major Ports to private ports.

The Major Port Authorities Bill, 2016 recently placed before the Parliament for replacing the Major Port Trust Act, 1963 will definitely pave way for total privatization of the Government Ports which will adversely affect not only Port and Dock Workers but also detrimental to the interest of the Country at large. Though the Federations had discussed the impact of the proposed Bill on the Ports and its workers at the level of Secretary (Shipping) Chief Labour Commissioner and the Authorities of Indian Ports Management and consensus reached on several issues, none of them have been seen incorporated in the Bill placed before the Parliament, particularly relating to protection of jobs, wage structures, service conditions including pension to the retired workers and nomination of Labour Representatives in the Board as per the existing provisions of MPT Act. At present two Labour Representatives are there in the Port Trust Board being the main Stakeholder and it has been reduced to one in the proposed Bill and the manner of appointment has also been changed by avoiding Trade Unions.

Several statutory settlements have been kept unimplemented arbitrarily by the Port Authorities disreading the advice of the Conciliation Authorities in the matter. Several recommendation of the Bipartite / Tripartite Committees constitute by the Ministry particularly, relating to the development and sustain ability of the Major Ports including the one pertaining to Recognition of Trade Unions operating in the Major Ports as per Government guidelines, are not implemented even after a lapse of several year and repeated reminders.

Since the authorities are going ahead ignoring the genuine grievances of the workers and the fact that labour unrest in mounting in the Major Ports due to the lethargic attitude of the Authorities, the Federations are constrained to advice its affiliates to resort to Industrial Action including Nationwide Strike w.e.f. 18-08-2017 onwards in order to secure their rights and privileges. the Federation Leaders added.


G20 Summit on 7th and 8th July in Hamburg

29th June, 2017

Dear Partners,

As you may have learned from the press, the G20 summit will take place in Hamburg on July 7th and 8th 2017. This event requires special security measures for the 35 delegations by the Hamburg police. Therefore, streets and junctions within the airport area and city centre will be closed. This will lead to considerable obstructions in road and rail transport.

Furthermore, due to public assemblies also heavy traffic obstructions like closing one side of streets and/or traffic restrictions within the port are Veddeler Damm, Kohlbrandbrucke and Finkenwerder strabe (Please refer to attached traffic report of the Hamburg police) are to be expected.

Because of the mentioned traffic problems within the whole Hamburg City and port are considerable delays during loading and unloading as well as during transports by truck might be possible. We would like to ask you to take this into account when placing you order.


All devices to be disconnected from network

28th June, 2017

Trade Notice Received From MAERSK LINE - All devices to be disconnected from network


Trans Asia Line VGM Submission form

6th July, 2016

Download the TAL VGM Form
Kindly print it on your letterhead and after filling it up send it back to us.


Advisory regarding Congestion at JNPT

7th May, 2016

It may be noted that it is taking considerable time for shifting of import containers from Port Terminals to CFS.
This situation is prevailing for the past 3 - 4 weeks and inspite of addressing the matter to the top most level with the Authorities, situation has remained the same.
Members of trade are requested to note that due to delay of shifting of import containers, it is taking average 5 - 10 days. The said delay in not on account of Custom Broker, hence Custom Brokers should not be held responsible for the delay which is happening due to slow movement of containers on account of Terminals / Shipping Lines & CFS.


Terminal Update on 6th May 2016

6th May, 2016

Terminal update received from APM Terminals Pvt Ltd :
Dear Valued Partner,
We would like to update you that our gates are functioning normally and traffic is flowing at a brisk pace. At present, the Traffic Bound to GTI Terminals is currently up to Julie parking / Y junction a distance of 2.5 km from our gates.
Further, yesterday we have moved 4,784 teu's (please see attached report) through our gates.
In case any of your esteemed members are facing any challenges, please request them to contact us.
Kind Regards,
APM Terminals Mumbai

Members are requested to kindly take note of the same.


ICEGATE System not working

14th December 2015

Dear All,
This is to inform you that ICEGATE System is not working at all locations since today morning. i.e. DOCUMENT TRACKING, DOCUMENT STATUS, DOCUMENT FILING, LOGIN etc. is completely down. Import Export activities have been held up.
This message has also been sent to the Directorate General of System, Delhi to look into the matter.
The Association will keep its members updated about the situation.


Mundra Port Weather Advisory

28th July 2015



Shut Down of ICEGATE System at Air Cargo Customs

19th January 2015


Subject: Shut Down of ICEGATE System at Air Cargo Customs
All members of the Association,

Members are requested to note that ICEGATE system at ACC Mumbai has shut down. The matter has been addressed to the Commissioner of Customs, Import Shri Ravinder Saroop, ACC for timely rectification.

Members are requested to note about the delay in processing of Import consignments in the shed at ACC Mumbai.

The Association will keep its members updated about the situation.

EDI Committee

Accident at Port Hazira, Gujarat, India

11th July 2016

Accident in Krishnapatnam Port

3rd January 2016

Shreyas vessel "SSL BHARAT" ( PIX 2 SVC) calling mundra / cochin / tuti / chennai / kattupalli / krishnapatnam / vizag / chennai / tuti / jebel ali / (Msk Mty contrs.)

Blast in Tianjin, China

14th August 2015

Last night, there was a big explosion that took place in one hazardous cargo warehouse, located in the Tianjin port area. Reportedly there are hundreds of casualties, many in a bad condition. As of now Tianjin port is sealed and guarded by force.

All Tianjin shipments lying in CFS are on hold, and all equipment is not allow to gate in or out.

Estimatedly, Tianjin port will be back in operation within a day or two. We will inform you of the same, shortly as also for our current shipments.

The Port of Lamu

09th January 2015

A lot has been said about the port of Lamu but just how much do we know?

Well here are some facts about the port;

It will form the country's second largest transport and economic corridor.

The port will impact greatly on the country's economy to an estimated 3% to the GDP by 2020.

Not only will this change Kenya and Lamu but also transform the economies of regional economies through increased trade, integration and inter-connectivity spanning growth.

The port will also be an important transhipment hub. It is expected to handle crude oil and oil products from South Sudan, Uganda and the newly discovered oil from Kenya. The oil alone will be able to impact on the lives of 166 million people in Kenya, Ethopia and South Sudan.

The port is expected to consist of 30 berths when complete,will cost US$3.5 billion and be 1000 acres in size. The port of Lamu has a natural depth of 18 metres depth and be able to receive some of the largest ships in the world.