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Client Advisory - For Transhipment Delays At All Transhipment Ports

Dear Valued Customers,

We would like to keep you updated on the ongoing berthing congestion at all the Transshipment ports which is causing delays as many vessels are facing longer waiting times.

Most of the carriers are experiencing berthing delays and this varies depending on the size of the vessel and the loading volumes at transshipment ports.

Needless to say, this berthing congestion leads to longer transit time and thus affecting the delivery schedule of the shipments at discharge port.

From our side we keep closely following up with carriers to minimize the delays under our best effort, but even you would agree, that such things are beyond control and reach.

If still any further updates required, please write to us at cs.crm@veljidosabhai.com and we shall be happy to assist with the same. Thank you for all your support and understanding as always.

Thanks & Regards,

Customer Service Desk

Client Advisory - Monsoon Alert

Dear Valued Customers,

The monsoon will be setting in shortly. We would request you to properly shrink wrap/pack cargo prior handing over to our warehouse to avoid damage due to rainwater seepage. The contents of cartons or corrugated boxes should be packed in external plastic. A cases should have internal air tight packing according to the seaworthy packing standard to avoid water damages.

We request you to please take preventive measures to secure the cargoes which will help us to avoid last moment stuffing impediment.

We therefore request you to kindly insure your valuable cargoes.

Customer Service Desk

Revision in our Agency/Handling charges.

22th April, 2024

Dear Esteemed Client,

It has been our privilege to serve as your logistics partner, and your trust in our services is deeply appreciated. Over the years, we have strived to deliver the best possible solutions while maintaining competitive pricing.

However, recent shifts in the economic landscape have presented us with new challenges. We have noticed a gradual increase in operational costs, driven by factors such as rising fuel prices, labour expenses, and material costs. These changes have compelled us to re-evaluate our pricing structure to ensure continued service excellence. I am sure you are aware that in 2013 CPI rate was 110 and now as we head in 2024 it is reached up to 181.9. The labour cost over the last 10 years has increased by 55% and the fuel prices which were at Rs.65 in 2013 has a difference of Rs.30 nearing up to Rs.95 in 2024 which increases overall cost for transportation.

After careful consideration and with humility, we propose a modest increase to our existing agency and handling charges as mentioned in the below table. Our last review of charges was conducted in 2013 and since then, we have witnessed significant shifts in the economic environment. We believe that these adjustments are necessary to adapt to current market conditions and sustain the quality of our services.

Shipment Type Revision*
- 20'FCL 40'FCL
LCL(Minimum) Rs.150/- - -
Docks Stuffing - Rs.250/- Rs.400/-
Factory Stuffing - Rs.250/- Rs.400/-

* The above revision shall be applicable from our Invoice dated 1st May 2024.

We are immensely grateful for your partnership and the opportunity to serve you with same commitment.

Thank you for considering our proposal, and we look forward to continuing our journey together.

Accounts & Finance Team.


13th April, 2024


Dear Valued Customer,

We are writing to inform you of an important update regarding the requirements set forth by the South Korean customs authorities.

Effective immediately, South Korean customs has mandated that the business registration number of the direct consignee (cnee) must be included on the Bill of Lading (BL). This requirement applies exclusively to direct consignees and is essential for smooth customs clearance.

To ensure compliance with this regulation, we kindly request your assistance in checking with the Shipper in advance and acquiring the direct consignee's business registration number. Once obtained, kindly provide us with the necessary details as soon as possible so that we may update the BL accordingly.

Including the direct consignee's business registration number will play a crucial role in expediting the customs clearance process and avoiding any avoidable delays or penalties. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter, and we look forward to your support.



12th April, 2024


Dear All,

This is for your attention, Note that with regard to Sri Lanka Customs they have implemented a new system to Manifesting the BL - ASYHUB and that it will have these following rules as per the attached document.

Most Important Rule is that the E-Manifest should be manifested before 24 hours prior to the Vessel departure from the loading port From 1st May 2024, the Cargo Declarations and the Bills of Lading shall be received only to the ASYHUB system, So make sure to send us the pre alert earlier to avoid any issues.

Attach herewith Sri Lanka Customs Notice for your reference.

This is for your information please.

Click on the below link :
Sri Lanka Customs Notice


Customer Advisory - Update on Advanced Cargo Information (ACID) in Egypt

7th March, 2024

Dear Customer,

Egyptian Customs Authorities have recently issued notification stating that no exceptions will be granted for the shipments for which ACI has been issued after the loading date starting from 1st MARCH 2024.

Effectively, if shipment arrives in Egypt Ports with an ACI issued after loading date, the shipment will not be discharged and will be shipped back to origin/shipper.

You are requested to kindly make note of the above and help us with the mandatory requirement of ACID Number when placing your Booking request and same should also be mentioned on the Shipping Instruction.

In the event of any non-compliance, the merchant will remain responsible for all charges, fines, penalties, and return freight cost or delays thereof.

Thanking you for your kind understanding and continuous support.



2nd January, 2024

Dear Valued Customer,

This is to inform you all that the transport drivers have stopped moving the import boxes from port to CFS and export boxes from CFS to port. Also, they are not ready to move the empty containers. Though we have not received any prior intimation/information from any of the transport association, but it was decided by TTs operators, and they stopped the exim movement suddenly.

We are in touch with our transport operators for further updates. We shall post you the information once we will receive from our transport operator. we may be compelled to invoke the force majeure clause and we will not be held liable for any delay in movement of export/ import loaded/ empty boxes.

We seek your kind understanding & co-operations in this situation & for any Delays /Shutouts which is beyond VDSPL control.

Shall update with further development as soon as the problem is resolved.

Please find below Trade Advisories issued by CFSAI for your reference.



Accident at Port Hazira, Gujarat, India

11th July 2016

Accident at Port Hazira, Gujarat, India

11th July 2016

Shreyas vessel "SSL BHARAT" ( PIX 2 SVC) calling mundra / cochin / tuti / chennai / kattupalli / krishnapatnam / vizag / chennai / tuti / jebel ali / (Msk Mty contrs.)

Blast in Tianjin, China

14th August 2015

Last night, there was a big explosion that took place in one hazardous cargo warehouse, located in the Tianjin port area. Reportedly there are hundreds of casualties, many in a bad condition. As of now Tianjin port is sealed and guarded by force. All Tianjin shipments lying in CFS are on hold, and all equipment is not allow to gate in or out. Estimatedly, Tianjin port will be back in operation within a day or two. We will inform you of the same, shortly as also for our current shipments.

The Port of Lamu

09th January 2015

A lot has been said about the port of Lamu but just how much do we know? Well here are some facts about the port. It will form the country's second largest transport and economic corridor. The port will impact greatly on the country's economy to an estimated 3% to the GDP by 2020. Not only will this change Kenya and Lamu but also transform the economies of regional economies through increased trade, integration and inter-connectivity spanning growth. The port will also be an important transhipment hub. It is expected to handle crude oil and oil products from South Sudan, Uganda and the newly discovered oil from Kenya. The oil alone will be able to impact on the lives of 166 million people in Kenya, Ethopia and South Sudan. The port is expected to consist of 30 berths when complete,will cost US$3.5 billion and be 1000 acres in size. The port of Lamu has a natural depth of 18 metres depth and be able to receive some of the largest ships in the world.